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1. Firm/Organization Talent Reviews and Future Planning

Praxis assists organizations to size-up their talent pool and assess its competitive capability in terms of depth of talent and potential “holes” or gaps in levels of skill or experience. This highly worthwhile exercise aids organizations to plot their talent according to their standard distribution curve. The ability to recognize the top and bottom 10 per cent of a talent pool is an invaluable tool for future strategic decisions such as succession planning and lateral recruitment.

2. Talent Profiles

Creating the Praxis Talent Profile entails a full compliment of psychometric assessments that provide a comprehensive overview of an individual’s potential. Our Talent Profiles are recommended as the best form of professional development for high potential individuals who work in positions that are “high-touch” in terms of relationships and results. The Praxis Talent Profile also captures 360° degree perceptions and feedback from key individuals (clients, colleagues, supervisors and critical personal relationships) to whom the client is accountable or relies upon for support and success.

3. High Potential Coaching and Career Development

Our research and experience has repeatedly proven that strength reinforces strength and that the best people can and will always deliver more. Statistically, a “top performer” will deliver 125 per cent or more than their colleagues. Our coaching approach centres around knowledge and creativity dependent roles which are based on specific career/life goals as well as performance targets.

4. Leadership Development Workshops

Our workshops are custom designed to meet organizational needs and issues which are designed from our leadership files. These programs are targeted as “touch stone leaders” who are in key positions of influence with others (e.g., practice group leaders, strategic business group/team leaders and so forth). Content and topics address such leadership skills as delegation, coaching, mentoring feedback, conflict resolution and recruitment/interviewing skills to identify and retain strong talent.

5. Consulting Services

We provide sound advice on organizational and firm issues and opportunities which involve or impact the talent resources of the organization or firm. These often involve such issues as succession planning, new business or practice growth, unexpected departures, merger situations and other issues pertaining to leadership

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